How To Install As-Is Brand Wood Walls:

Quick How-To Video:

Quick Install Tips:

Step 1:

Keeping the boards level, place the boards from one side to the other. Keep in mind varying the board sizes, the colors, and the textures as mentioned earlier. You may need to make a cut on the final piece of each row.

Step 2:

Start the next row with the cut piece from the previous row. This reduces the waste, & creates staggered joints (which adds to the varied look.) Again, ensure each row is level.

Step 3:

Continue in this fashion for every row, until you are less than 5” of the ceiling (or your desired height). Measure the space between your last row and your stop point.

Step 4:

Using a table saw or hand saw, ‘rip’ or cut the boards to be installed to that size (minus 1/16” to allow for easier install and possible expansion). YOU’RE DONE. Enjoy your new AS-IS Wood Wall!

Product Calculator

Installing As-Is Brand Wood Walls is easy. Just use this handy calculator to figure out the quantity that you require.


Height in inches
Length in inches


Height in centimeters
Length in centimeters

Please Note:
The As-Is Product Calculator automatically adds 5% of extra (waste) material into above formula. If you are not using our calculator, we recommend adding in at least 5%.

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