How to Install

Follow our How To guides and videos for easy installation of the AS-IS BRAND Wood Wall panels.

HOW TO Video

Don’t take our word for it. Watch this video showing just how quick, easy, and amazing our wood walls are.

Step-by-Step Basic Installation


Keeping level, place boards from one side to the other. As you move along, try varying board colors and textures. You will likely need to make a cut on the final piece of each row.


Start the next row with the cut piece from the previous row. This reduces waste, and staggers joints (which adds to the varied look). Again, ensure each row is level.


Continue in this fashion for every row, until you are less than 5” from the ceiling (or your desired height). Measure the space between your last row and your stop point.


Using a table saw or hand saw, cut the boards lengthwise to be installed to that size (minus 1/16” to allow for easier install and possible expansion. That’s it, it’s that easy!

Additional Install Information