WHAT is As-Is?

AS-IS is the fastest, easiest, and awesomest way to add a splash of rustic modern to your space. Bedrooms, living rooms, dining spaces, wine rooms, man caves, furniture, cabinets, islands, ceilings; the possibilities are endless on where AS-IS can be easily applied. AS-IS is economically, environmentally, and socially responsible, while offering you the best reclaimed wood wall alternative on the market.

WHERE can AS-IS be applied?


    YES, it can be applied easily to ceilings. However, the ceiling will need to be relatively flat for an easier installation. A ceiling with too much texture may make it difficult, so the texture may need to be scraped or sanded prior to install.

  • DOORS?

    YES, AS-IS can be applied to most types of doors. Regular entrance doors, room doors, pocket doors, sliding barn doors, and is a great addition to cabinet doors and panels. You’ll just need to ensure the addition of AS-IS will not affect the door performance prior to installation (opening, closing, locking, etc.).


    YES, although AS-IS is designed primarily for interior use. If being used on an exterior application, keep in mind the natural elements and their effect on any natural wood product. Additional aging, discoloration, natural.


    AS-IS can be installed around most fireplaces, and on walls near wood stoves. However, it is a combustible and you must follow the fireplace’s guidelines for clearances. As a basic rule, the wood should not get too hot to touch.


    AS-IS will function fine in bathrooms, as a backsplash, or near high moisture areas. To prevent mold or mildew, we recommend applying a basic wood sealant.


    AS-IS can be applied to textured and uneven surfaces. In most cases, nails will work better than adhesive (or both can be used together). For heavily textured surfaces, you may want to sand or scrape the surface to help even it out. For really uneven walls you can follow the contour, or use shims or other materials to help create a more even surface.

WHAT do I need to do my installation?

Basically you will need a saw and glue (or nails). Visit our How To for more details.

WHAT if I want to do a temporary installation?

We recommend using very small brad nails (or finishing nails), and use as few as possible. This will allow the boards to easily be pulled off the wall. You can use certain types of 2-sided tape, as long as it is not too strong, see our Install Instructions.

WHAT if I want to remove it?

As per the previous point, all you’ll have to do is pry/pull it off your wall. If only nails are used this process will be very easy. If glue is used you’ll still be able to pry it off the wall, but you’ll have more wall repair to do..

WHAT can I do with my leftover boards?

Please visit EXTRA CREDIT to find cool ideas to make use of your extra AS-IS. And please feel free to share your Keep in mind that just like other home finishing products, you may want to hang onto a few extra boards ‘just in case’. Feeling Creative?

WHAT is the width of AS-IS?

AS-IS boards are all 5” wide. The lengths vary in 12” increments. The majority of a box will be full 48” boards, but some will be 12”, 24”, and 36” as well. This will help make it easy for you to create random staggers and a more randomized finished look. See As-Is Wood Wall Specs.

HOW can I buy AS-IS?

Click here to find sites and stores where you can purchase AS-IS today.

HOW much do I need to order?

AS-IS comes in 20 square foot boxes. Calculate the amount you need by multiplying the width of your wall by the height. This will give you the square footage you need. We recommend adding about 5% for waste or trimming. Please use our PRODUCT CALCULATOR and/or ESTIMATING SHEET to help you figure it out.

HOW can I get samples?

AS-IS has a convenient sample kit that contains all 6 colors of the ‘ish’ collection. These are available through all suppliers.

HOW thick is the product?

All AS-IS boards are ¼” thick. See As-Is Wood Wall Specs.

HOW do I cut AS-IS?

We recommend using a miter saw for easiest cutting. A hand saw can also be used for short or long cuts. Using a table saw for long cuts (ripping the boards lengthwise) is optimal if you have one, see our Install Instructions.

HOW easy is it to cut?

The ¼” thickness and high quality of AS-IS boards is the perfect thickness to ensure a strong board, but very easy to cut.

HOW do I clean the AS-IS?

AS-IS can easily be cleaned using a vacuum with attachment. A dry or damp cloth can also be used. Do not use chemicals.

IS there a warranty?

Due to AS-IS coming from all natural wood, and our process of keeping and enhancing the natural characteristics, there is no need for a warranty. You know what they say, it is what is as-is.

IS AS-IS made from real wood?

AS-IS is 100% real wood boards. All boards are 100% old-growth pine. They sourced from responsibly harvested and replanted areas. And AS-IS plants a tree for every box of product purchased. And them's the facts. About 'ish" collection.